Loose Certified Diamonds

  • We, at Greenes, have over 100 years of experience helping couples choose the perfect Diamond for them.  We have the best quality Diamonds at the best possible prices.
  • Here is a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing the right Diamond for you.
  • 1) Cost: Budget is extremely important to keep in mind,  The reason for this is when choosing a Diamond you can decide which is more important to you. Would you like a bigger stone with more inclusions or a smaller stone with higher specs?
  • 2) Carat: Carat refers to the size of the Diamond.  1 carat = 100 points.   Points are what most people will see on the certificate, for example:  0.75 = 3/4 carat.  
  • 3) Colour: Diamonds are graded in colours ranging from white to tinted white, or D colour at the best to Z at the worst.   
  • 4) Clarity: All natural Diamonds have traces of their growth history, as they are a product of nature. With Clarity we describe a Diamond's Purity.  A certificate will show LC or IF at the best end of the scale "Loupe Clean" , "Internally Flawless"  to P3 which is heavily included.
  • 5) Cut: This is possibly the trickiest of them all but, in the main, a badly cut stone will have no sparkle. The cut of a Diamond is divided into 3 grades: Proportion (cut grade), Polish and Symmetry and these are graded on a certificate by Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.
  • 6) Shape:  This is the easiest for you as its whatever suits your hand. Be it the classic Brilliant, Princess, Marquise,  or The fancy shapes Oval, Heart, Pear, Emerald Cut or Radiant.
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