sterling silver stepped band, the centre is slighlty raised and is engraved with Ogham inscription
this shows a 5mm band on a ladies hand
this shows a 6mm band on a gents hand
this shows the presentation a gift bag a card explaining the story of the ogham design and a bag with matching tissue,  all turquoise blue
the card with the story of the ogham design

Ogham Ring in Sterling Silver Step Band


Personalized Sterling Silver Ogham Band

Handcrafted from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, this band comes in 5mm or 6mm width options. Discover the artistry of Ogham writing, as we intricately hand carve your personal message onto the band. Perfect for wedding or commitment rings, each piece is a unique masterpiece with two names elegantly carved.

Rooted in Irish heritage, Ogham writing finds new meaning on your ring. Crafted with care, each ring is handmade and bears a Government Hallmark, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Customize your ring in any size, and choose from 9ct, 14ct, or 18ct Yellow, White, Red/Rose Gold, Silver, or Platinum. Cherish the sentiment with this 6mm Sterling Silver stepped wedding ring, where craftsmanship meets personalization.