2 colour gold ogham wedding band, the centre part is white and the outer rims are in yellow gold

Ogham band in Two Colour 9ct Gold

  • Two Colour Gold Ogham Personalized Band.
  • This band is made in all 9ct Gold.
  • I make this band in all Widths, from 7mm to 10mm.
  • I have decided to hand carve in Ogham writing any personal message, I love these rings as Wedding rings or commitment rings, with the two names carved,  or a personal message, it creates a very interesting design totally unique to each.
  • Ogham writing was used primarily to write the old Irish language, some say it was invented by the first Christian communities in early Ireland out of a desire to have a unique Alphabet for writing short messages and inscriptions.
  • Each ring is totally unique, and handmade from start to finish in Ireland at our jewellery workshop based in Dublin's city centre it will also have a Government Hallmark giving the quality, assay, and makers mark.