selection of old gold jewellery before it has been remodelled

Have you ever thought about remodeling some outdated Jewellery

Remodeling old jewellery can be so rewarding. It gives pre-loved, outdated and
sentimental jewellery a new lease of life.
Maybe you have some broken pieces or pieces that were gifted that just don’t suit
your taste or style.
It’s a great opportunity to bring that pre-loved jewellery into the present.

Here at Greene's, we understand that it takes courage to take the first step towards
remodeling. We understand that some of these pieces are extremely sentimental
and are family heirlooms.
We take so much pleasure from transforming old metals, Diamonds and gemstones
into new exciting pieces, working with you at every stage of the process.

We work with all precious metals and even gemstones. We can reuse your
gemstones in the new pieces. If you have old cut Diamonds that you would like to
use, we can even source additional matching Diamonds. On occasion, we have had
clients that have inherited a piece of jewellery with a badly scratched or chipped
gemstone. In most cases we can asses the gem and have it repolished or recut.
You may wonder what the process is and what you can expect on this exciting
journey. Firstly, we need you to pop in with your old pieces, in order for us to asses
what we are working with. We can work with any jewellery in any condition.
Maybe its a treasured heirloom passed down through the years, or broken chains,
rings, bangles and odd earrings. Gather it all together and bring it in to us at
Greenes jewellers. We will inspect it in front of you and let you know exactly what
is usable and what is not.
Once we figure out what we have to work with, we spend some time chatting with
you in order to find out what you may like, style wise. Most clients have a good idea
of what they want and more often than not, they have researched styles and
designs, pictures online and in magazines, or their friend might have a piece that
they really like. Once we have a good idea of the clients expectations and desires,
we can put together a plan. Occasionally clients don’t really know what they want,
but we are happy to suggest any options and styles that would work for the client.
After a few questions we usually get an idea of where we need to go. We can show
previous projects to get a closer idea of what catches your eye and also very
important, what you dislike. The first and most important question we ask is if you
would like a ring, earrings, bracelet or neckpiece. It is also a good idea to have a
budget in mind for yourself, and we will always try to stay well within this.
Now we have enough information to put some concrete ideas together. This takes

approximately a week or two. We work with CAD for a lot of our projects, so this
makes it easy for use to show you a design before it’s actually made. We can also
give you a fairly accurate estimate for your new piece.
Once design and everything is finalised, a deposit is taken and the process begins.
Normally it takes between 4-6 weeks for the process from first consultation to
Once your custom bespoke piece of jewellery is ready, we will call you and arrange
for you to come in.
Since all of the work we do is in house. We involve you in every part of the process
so there are no surprises and, if there is anything you would like to change, we can
accommodate that as we go. Just check out our 5 star reviews to see all of our
previous happy customers.
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