rose gold flat ogham engraved band with a diamond in the centre

Ogham script

Ogham is an early ancient celtic alphabet of 20 letters, Illustrating notches for vowels, and lines for consonants.
The word Ogham originates from the celtic god of language, speech, and literature, Oghma.
Most of Irelands treasured Ogham remains are to be found on boulders, stone slabs, and ancient wooden monuments.  They clearly display groups of straight and slanted lines deeply carved for future generations to see and wonder at.
Ogham was a much used and effective tool favoured by the Druids as it was believed this method of communication held mystical connotations, and still today is a beautiful representation of the Irish language, culture history and folklore.
At Greenes Jewellers, we will design any piece of Ogham jewellery to your own specific requirements. Our team will be happy to help you choose the ideal piece of jewellery for yourself, loved ones, friends or family.
Each Ogham inscription is unique, be it a wedding band, a friendship ring, bracelet, cufflinks, Ingot pendant, or simple disc your personal ogham message, phrase, or name will have special meaning to the wearer.
We at Greenes jewellers design and make a nice selection of Ogham jewellery in our jewellery workshop. As well as designing one off pieces we produce very affordable handcrafted Irish jewellery in sterling silver, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k Gold and Platinum.
The choices of metal finish is endless when it comes to putting your own personal touch on an Ogham design, from highly polished contemporary looking, to a more organic traditional textured finish, or even a matt and polish combination, the choice is up to you.
Our team at Greenes Jewellers pride ourseleves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and 5 star reviews. We are happy to discuss your design options when you contact us or visit us to see our range on display in our city centre workshop on Aungier street in dublin city centre
Our Ogham jewellery collection is designed and made in Ireland