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Thinking of cashing in on your unwanted Jewellery


If you are short on funds in these difficult times, you might be considering selling some of your unwanted or broken jewellery. Let’s face it, We all have pieces of jewellery lying around the house, be it broken chains, rings, bracelets, brooches, odd earrings or simply out of style pieces. Maybe you have inherited or invested in some gold bars or bullion. 

We don’t mind what condition they are in. We buy all gold, platinum, and palladium jewellery as well as bullion. Unlike most of our competitors, we also buy gemstones, as long as they are in good condition.


How can I sell my unwanted jewellery?

There are many options.

Some People opt for Ebay, adverts, done deal and facebook marketplace. If you choose the above. They can be time consuming and complicated, and sometimes you may not get as much as you had hoped.

Auction rooms can also be very time consuming. There are no guarantees that your pieces will sell. Even if they do, there can be high commissions fees. 


Why Greenes?

Just read our 5 star reviews, something we are very proud of. We always give an on the spot, no obligation offer.

We also keep the process clear, simple and honest. 

We pay on the same day, into your bank account.

Another advantage in choosing us is that with we will make an offer for gemstones and Diamonds. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to sell Diamonds without certificates, so we will asses the Gemstone in house, and on occasion, may also look to get a second opinion from our Diamond expert. This ensures that you get the highest possible prices.


What can you expect?

When selling your unwanted and second hand jewellery, It’s always best to have some knowledge of what it involves. 

People sometimes expect to get the same price they paid for a piece or the same value the piece is insured for. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. 

On occasions, we have had clients come in with a treasured heirloom and, unfortunately, they have incorrect information on the item. More often than not they will have received an insurance valuation that could be exaggerated and up to 20% over recommended retail price.

Depending on wear and tear of the item, it may be beyond repair and have to  be scrapped. Items that are in better condition will get a higher offer.

If we were to generalise it, more often than not you can expect to receive 20% of the recommended retail price of the item. 

With coins and bullion trading at a higher price.


How to sell to us?

1) Bring your unwanted jewellery in to our shop at 9 Aungier street, Dublin 2.


2)During your visit, we will examine and test all of the pieces to verify the purity and weigh it, in your presence. 


3)Based on this, We will make you an offer. If you accept, we transfer payment into your bank account on the same day. 


Unfortunately, We do not buy Silver or watches. 


If you Choose not to cash it in, you also have the option to trade in your jewellery, and get up to 25% extra off shop stock. 



We also Offer the service of recycling and remodelling old jewellery into new jewellery.

We will go through that process in a future blog.